Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Science, technology and Society in the 20th century

The twentieth century witnessed the greatest changes in technology and science that humans have ever witnessed. These occurred rapidly and affected such a broad range of people. Scientists, inventors, and engineers built upon the great inventions of the 19th century to expand the reach of modern technology - for a citizen in 1900, communication, transportation, and agricultural was still primarily local activities; by 2000, an American citizen was part of an interconnected global community. These developments in science and technology were also important in the social and cultural changes of the period. The Great Depression, the World Wars and Cold War, the civil rights and women's rights movements - all were greatly impacted by the rapid scientific and technological advancements in the universities and industry. 
Science and Technology in Twentieth-Century American Life chronicles this relationship between science and technology and the revolutions in the lives of everyday Americans. The volume includes a discussion of:
• Transportation - the 20th century marked the transition from the railroad to the automobile and airplane, and the mass production of the automobile, and the building of roads and highways made it possible for Americans to travel the United States by car. ; Communication — radio and television brought news and entertainment into the home, while at the end of the century the World Wide Web linked people, news and entertainment by personal computer.
• Agriculture - The 20th century was an era of scientific farming. The techniques of animal and plant breeding combined with the science of genetics to produce high yielding varieties of crops and livestock to suit consumers.
The book includes a timeline and a bibliography for those interested in pursuing further research, and over two dozen fascinating photos that illustrate the daily lives of Americans in the 19th Century.

Narrative/ Things I learned:
In this age of the development in science, the main focus of it was the advancement of communication, transportation and agricultural matter. Most of the inventions of this century aims the development of the three factors indicated. During this century, they've invented materials that was closely related to the three sectors of development on the society.


Science and Technology in 20th-Century American Life

Christopher Cumo


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